I'm new to Drupal, I need to create a job list page with an application form for each of the job listings presented in it.

I've created a "Job" content type, and installed the webform module

When I create a new Job, I'm able to create a form and present it in the content of the job. The problem is that it has to be done for each specific job listing manually

Is there a way to set the configuration of the webform attached to a specific node by its content type? A code based solution is preferred - but one that is based on action in admin UI is also blessed

Thank you very much!!

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Yes, You can able to do it using admin UI.

Follow below instruction.

Add new field (boolean type) at webform content type.

Make this field as a checkbox.

Add "Entityreference" module

enable it

Create entityreference view using views UI for webform content type and add above created boolean field in FILTER CRITERIA select operator > is one of "yes"

I have attached snapshot for views UI

enter image description here

Now edit manage field on job content type

Add new field on job content type give the name and select "Entity Reference" in data type.

Now select "select list" option for widget click on next button.

Next page will be shown Entityreference option at there you need to section "view" for the first drop down "Views: Filter by an entity reference view" and second "View used to select the entities" pick you entity reference view which you have created prviously and save it.

Snapshot for above description

enter image description here

Now you will able to select created webform on job node.

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