I want to add HTML attributes for my block by using hook_block_view_alter. Any suggestions/code snippets for this?

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    exactly what do you want to do? add HTML markup and attributes to block content ot to Block itself? – Yusef Feb 23 '17 at 9:40

If you need for D7, Block Attributes module or if you just need class Block Class


Instead use Markup module. it easily integrates with the form. I am guessing u use D7...

This module adds the ability for site admins to add "Markup" widgets to the form. These essentially let designers of cck content-types insert additional markup into the node/edit form to display to content-authors. This is the equivalent of adding additional elements to $form of the type '#markup'.

The module does not add anything to the $node object for the content being created, and utilizes form_alter to remove unnecessary fields from the '_content_admin_field' form when this widget is being created.

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  • @NoSssweat No problem... man... i checked it... actually you were also right....the question was quite unclear so i directly wrote the module name... – Anirban Neogi Feb 23 '17 at 12:22

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