Is there a way/module to grant a role permission to list and edit terms in a specific vocabulary?


The only module I can think of is the Taxonomy access fix module, which has only a version for Drupal 7.

This module

  • adds 1 permission per vocabulary: "add terms in X"
  • changes the way vocabulary specific permissions are handled
  • changes the Taxonomy admin pages' access checks
  • alters the vocabularies overview table to show only what you have access to edit or delete

The module does what native Taxonomy lacks: more specific Taxonomy permissions (and checking them correctly).

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Both answers didn't work for me. "Taxonomy access fix" didn't work at all and the drupal permissions didn't work as expected. The only thing which is still having a chance to work is http://drupal.org/project/vppr - you may download a D7 version on the issues.

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I can confirm Vocabulary Permissions per Role https://drupal.org/project/vppr works. It adds these permissions so you can give access to users per Vocabulary: https://drupal.org/project/vppr

They can not change or delete the vocabulary itself, which is important. So they can not really administer the vocabulary but its terms.

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