I am trying to loop through a taxonomy term's tid, but somehow all the array elements are protected. It was very easy peasy in Drupal 7 with:

 $term_id_1 = $node->field_term['und'][0]['tid'];

I am not sure how I could access tid(here is the kint() screenshot):

enter image description here

and here I how I get this and my broken foreach():

public function setCollection($collection) {
$collection_array = [];
$collection_ids =  \Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term::load($collection);
foreach ($collection_ids as $collection_id) {
  $keys = $collection_id->values;
  foreach ($keys as $key){
    $collection_array[] = $key->tid;

$this->collection = $collection_array;


Question 1-> Is taxonomy terms are node?

Question 2-> Is this line correct to get the fields?

  $collection_ids =  \Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term::load($collection);

Question 3-> Can anyone lead me to get access 'tid' from this protected 'values' array?

Warm regards.

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Yes you can do $term->id() which should return the term id if $term is a Term object. See id().


Answer 1 - Taxonomy Terms are an Entity in Drupal 8 (Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term), not a node.

Answer 2 - Is your parameter $collection a single ID or an array ID's? If it's a single ID, then yes. If it's an array of ID's then you should be using Term::loadMultiple().

Answer 3 - You can call Term::id() on the object, so in your case it would be $collecion_id->id().

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