I have a custom block type with two different fields. What I am trying to accomplish is, to hide the first field if the second is not empty.

That seems like something that could be done in template_preprocess, but where would I put it and what would be my template?



you can utilize twig's if/else condition:

{% if field_NAME_OF_YOUR_SECOND_FIELD.0 == false %}
    {{ field_NAME_OF_YOUR_FIRST_FIELD.0 }}
{% endif %}

check this for extracting the values of different fields


Preprocessing the block_content template was considered undesireable, and they suppressed the functionality. There is a module on github that provides this functionality, but since it lacks composer support, you might just copy it into your project.

All that said, you should find that template_preprocess_block allows access to what you want, and this might work:

function MYTHEME_preprocess_block(&$variables) {

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