Need to react on site events and regroup blocks in front.

I have my region 'Top' in front, configuration is like this:

Block2: India News

Block1: World News

Block3: Frontpage content

When new nodes added my code must place block2 higher then block1. But I need to save new configuration in database, so hook_block_info_alter() does not help.

Please, which hook allows to save in db new blocks configuration in my region using cron?

  • What Drupal version? – Neograph734 Mar 5 '17 at 11:24
  • What is your goal? When there's new content for Block2, that moves to the top? And when there's new content for Block1, that moves to the top? – Japo Domingo Mar 6 '17 at 0:34
  • yes. move one to top if any new node appears in each of them. – tlito Mar 6 '17 at 17:21

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