I'm new to the open source world (use to be all Microsoft). I've just installed Drupal on my mac, and I'm wondering which program is a popular choice for making changes in mySQL?

I can see that changes can be done in Terminal (bash) but I would have should there is an easier way. Do most people use the command line, or a GUI program?

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PhpMyAdmin is by far the most popular tool for managing MySQL. It is a webapp which is simple to install and lets you do most tasks through a GUI.

There are many alternatives, notable Chive (more shiny, ajax based tool) and Adminer (more minimalistic). If you want a stand alone application, Sequel Pro might be worth a look.

  • I use Sequel Pro on my MacBook, and it's by FAR the best app I've ever used for SQL interaction. – Chapabu Feb 20 '12 at 10:16

For the most part, Drush does all of my database work for me. I don't use a tool like phpmyadmin because the only interaction I frequently have with the DB-server is creating a new database and user.

Otherwise drush does stuff like backups, changes to variables, enable/disable modules, and I never found a need for a GUI.


Navicat for MySQL is streets ahead of any other MySQL GUI in my opinion, I've been using it for nigh on 10 years and would recommend it to absolutely anyone.