I am working with lingotek module in Drupal 8 and I am following all the procedures but still facing some issues on local setup. The automatic translation is taking place and it is displaying interim status every time after the translation is done, which is a state where incomplete translations can be published.

So, the translation part is not fully completed. I have followed the steps on fresh installation but still getting nowhere.


That happens when the translation is not complete. This could happen because you have a pending review phase in your workflow. What happens if you use the "Check target status" operation?

PS: As @user73757 said, it's easier to get support in the Lingotek module issue queue.

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  • Hi, When i use the "check upload progress" operation after it shows source uploaded. It displays Japanese- in progress, in which my case i am translating English to Japanese. After this, I request for Japanese translation and then again i check progress of Japanese translation and it shows Japanese -ready for download. but yet again after clicking download Japanese translation it shows interim status where translation is incomplete and published. – Pranav Gupta Mar 18 '17 at 12:45

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