I have installed Drupal 7 on azeem.com, and I have installed a forum software on azeem.com/qa. I am trying to use Drupal as single sign on site.

When I am at azeem.com/qa, and I click on login page, it takes me to the Drupal login page with a URL like http://azeem.com/user/login?redirect=qa%2Findex.php%3Fq%3Dnode.

After giving the username and password, I successfully logged in, but instead of redirecting me back to http://azeem.com/qa, it takes me to http://azeem.com/user/1.

How can I redirect back to the page where I was before logging in?

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Drupal doesn't react by default to a URL parameter called redirect; it does however react to the parameter destination. The destination parameter pretty much trumps any other internal redirect so this should override the default redirect.

When you send your users through to the Drupal login form try using a URL like this:


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