I have a taxonomy vocabulary "categories", and decide that one of the terms should no longer be used (because I introduced another field which covers this information).

I could delete the term, but then some existing content would no longer have a category.

What I would like is to "deprecate" the term, such that

  • existing content can continue to reference the term.
  • the term is still visible in things like search facets.
  • the term can no longer be assigned in a term reference field.
  • (optional) editing an existing node which references the old term will fail form validation on save, and force to change the term.

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Termsatus module can help you.

This add a status "publis" or "unpublish" on terms like nodes, and is handled by permission (that can solve first three points), views, etc.

I think the optional point need a custom code using hook_node_validate check the status of term an send the custom error message attached to the field.

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