I am trying to figure out how to use views to list out ALL my taxonomy terms that are grouping node titles. Example:

Taxonomy Term 1 - Node Title 1 - Node Title 2

Taxonomy Term 2 - Node Title 3

Taxonomy Term 3 -Message: There are currently no Node titles at this time, please check back

Taxonomy Term 4 - Node Title 4 - Node Title 5

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  1. Create a 'taxonomy term' view
  2. Add 'Taxonomy term: Content with term' as a relationship (don't make it required, otherwise unused terms won't show up)
  3. Add two fields, 'Taxonomy term:Name'(mark this excluded from display since we will group them in the next step) and 'Content:Title'
  4. Go to Format settings: set 'grouping field Nr.1' to 'Taxonomy term:Name'
  5. Now you get the data you want, you can use your preferred approach to style them.

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