I see a lot of examples of modal forms. But in all these example the modal is started from a current form. There is always a link-button involved. I would like to start a form as a modal from the controller by using:

$form = \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm($formId); return $form;

Can someone give me an example of which extra code is needed to show the form ($formId) as a modal??

  • MediaCurrent just posted about this. Everything you should need is here: mediacurrent.com/blog/… – Kevin Mar 15 '17 at 16:53
  • You could, but you need some sort of trigger to hit a callback. That callback will return an AjaxResponse instead of the standard response from a controller. – Kevin Mar 15 '17 at 17:05

I did an example of this a while ago. Basically I defined a route, and that controller returned an AjaxResponse:

  path: '/mymodule/growl'
    _controller: '\Drupal\mymodule\Controller\MyModuleController::growl'
    _permission: 'access content'

Basic controller:

namespace Drupal\mymodule\Controller;

use Drupal\Core\Ajax\AjaxResponse;
use Drupal\Core\Controller\ControllerBase;
use Drupal\igrowl\Ajax\GrowlCommand;

class MyModuleController extends ControllerBase {
  public function growl() {
    $options = GrowlCommand::defaultOptions();
    $options['message'] = 'This is a message.';
    $options['title'] = 'Hello';
    $options['icon'] = 'feather-check';
    $options['type'] = 'success';

    $response = new AjaxResponse();
    $response->addCommand(new GrowlCommand($options));
    return $response;

Any link hitting that route fired that Command. So, anytime someone clicks a link going to your defined route, it should create a modal.

You basically want to return a form (use the form builder service provided by ControllerBase instead of the static container) and at a basic level, use OpenModalDialogCommand (or supply your own modal js with custom Command). AjaxResponse will take care of the rest.

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  • Installed iGrowl but did not get it working. I get a pop-up with just a list of the options – Bart van Leeuwen Mar 16 '17 at 21:46
  • I found the iGrowl module and installed it, but the module does not pace up with the changed structure in iGrowl.zip. I also do not know how to add the libraries and which, while they are already loaded in the Drupal module itself. – Bart van Leeuwen Mar 16 '17 at 21:48
  • Any way we can trigger a modal from twig? I have a controller that returns the AJAX response. – Prerit Mohan Mar 13 '19 at 15:10

I solved my own problem: in stead of a modal I use an overlay which reports a message.

My question seemed a bit theoretical, but in the Mediator Design Pattern I use, I want to solve my problems generically. In the main program I can decode when a form takes long time, before I render the form I attach extra JS which is coupled to the submit button.

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You can force any link to open in a modal dialog. Just add the class use-ajax and the attribute data-dialog="modal" to a link.

<a href="/node" class="use-ajax" data-dialog="modal">node list</a>

P.S. Drupal uses JavaScript to apply this behavior, so make sure set the class and attribute in the server side (template/preproces/pre-render...)

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