I am trying to add a link in views header. I enabled multilingual module. Added a Global Textarea in the header. Then added

<a href="/my-tickets">Click</a> 

I want to set the url as

<a href="SELECTED_LANGUAGE_CODE/my-tickets">Click</a>

So the link may be

<a href="en/my-tickets">Click</a>


<a href="fr/my-tickets">Click</a>

SELECTED_LANGUAGE_CODE is the language selected in the url.

English version of my site is http://example.com/en French version http://example.com/en


You can use the token [site:url] which includes the languages prefix:

<a href="[site:url]/my-tickets">Click</a> 
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  • this creates a problem when the url is multiple locations. if they're on a default version of the site, the result would be website.com//my-tickets - the double hashmarks creating a broken link – turpentyne Oct 2 '19 at 0:46

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