I need to import data from multiple xml files. my site is in /var/www/sites/automationstats and the folder with the data is in subfolders of /var/lib/jenkins

If I use as directory in the import /var/lib, I get this error message: Directory needs to be a valid URI.

By the way, that folder (/var/lib) has owner and group jenkins. My first idea was to set that folder in the file system settings as private and then use private:// as URI but it says the folder is not writable.

So, is it possible to read from outside my site file structure or I have to get the files inside?


yes you were right the correct way is to add in file system configuration (/admin/config/media/file-system) a private file system path that you need "/var/lib/jenkins", and then use it in your feed fetcher with prefix private://.

Please if it is possible move yor files form /var/lib to a user subfolder to avoid security problems.

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