I am trying to create a custom drush command in which I have to access another remote environment and run some drush commands there. The problem is I am unable to ssh to another environment e.g, "dev" etc. I am able to run

drush @mysite.env status

but when I try

drush @mysite.env ssh 

then I get this error

PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
Command not supported as typed.
An error 255 occurred while running the command `ssh -p 2222 -o AddressFamily inet"

"pantheon.aliases.drushrc.php" is placed in "~/.drush" folder.

Please let me know what's missing.


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Pantheon does not support ssh access to your server. Write your own Drush command, place it in the drush folder at your repository root, and call it with drush @mysite.env mycommand.

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