I have an address field from which I'm getting a country code and then, using the address.country_repository service, checking the country's name.

$full_country_list = \Drupal::service('address.country_repository')->getList();
$country_code = $user->field_nationality->first()->get("country_code")->getValue();
$result['nationality'] = t($full_country_list[$country_code], [], ['langcode'=>$user->get('langcode')->value]);

This repository returns a list with the country names translated in Drupal's default language (in my case, portuguese), but I'm trying to t()-function it to translate the string into other languages.

The t() function doesn't cut it, even if I pass the langcode option.

How can I get a translated version of the list so that I don't have to translate the string with t()?

  • getList() has a locale argument, try passing in your locale that you want to have it translated to. not sure if it's the same string as t() receives, the documentation mentions 'fr-FR' as example I think.
    – Berdir
    Mar 17, 2017 at 13:55

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The country name in the country list is already a translatable markup object. It's not possible to add new options to it. So your idea to translate the country name again, this time with a specific langcode in options, is right. But you have to get the untranslated string if you want to translate it again

t($full_country_list[$country_code]->getUntranslatedString(), [], ['langcode' => 'de'])

because how you do it you get the translated string when running the code in a non english language context and translating from a non english language is not supported.

Edit: this answer is valid for the core country list

$full_country_list = \Drupal::service('country_manager')->getList();

there are probably other versions in contrib, see comment from @Berdir.

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