I have several paragraphs nested into one content type. Users can add only one type of paragraph. Is it possible to create a url alias pattern based on paragraphs? For instance, I have paragraphs "car", "bike", and "boat" in one content type "garage". If the user adds a "car" paragraph the url alias should be garage/car/etc, and for boat garage/boat/etc etc. Possible? It is generating the same url pattern for now.

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    Sounds like a better job for taxonomy IMO.
    – Kevin
    Mar 20, 2017 at 13:58

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Since you mention that you only have a single allowed paragraph, something like [node:paragraph_field:entity:type:target_id] might work, but untested. That will use the machine name of the referenced paragrap type.

If not, you can always implement a custom token on nodes and then do whatever you want using hook_token_info() and hook_tokens().

I also agree with others that this seems like a somewhat strange architecture and usually list/term fields are used for such a categorization, this will most likely also work better if you ever need to do something like an exposed filter in a view and so on.

  • Your suggestion works. Thanks, Berdir! On the architecture: each paragraph has a different set of fields. So the garage is just a "container" content type. It seemed redundant to have a taxonomy just to categorize paragraph types when each paragraphs' machine name is self explanotry. Is this a common practice? What would be the better approach? Paragraphs based exposed filters seem to work with relationships. Not sure which approach is more efficient and performant. Appreciate the insight.
    – JAT
    Mar 21, 2017 at 19:18

With pathauto there are some tokens available for any field of a node, including paragraphs.

I think @Kevin is right though, paragraphs connected with terms.

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