I have a view that shows an overview of "experiences". The problem I am having is they switch HTML on every row.

so the first will be:

Image text

then the second will be:

Text Image

I tried using conditionals in the rewrite result. But they seem to not work as shown below:

enter image description here

This outputs:

enter image description here

Is there a fix or workaround for this?

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By setting field_my_link to show as URLs / plain text I was able to quickly get the result I needed, to point the URL of the title to an offsite URL if it has data, and keep it to the NID url otherwise. view_node is a view field of the URL

{% if field_my_link|length > 0 %}
<a href="{{ field_my_link }}">{{ title }}</a>
{% else %}
<a href="{{ view_node }}">{{ title }}</a>
{% endif %}

This worked quickly and effectively as a rewrite. Although I would rather not have a rewrite stored as config in views, it was a quick and reliable solution.


The following answer is from Drupal 7 post, long time ago but I guess the methodology is still the same.

Basically in your views template you can specify that logic.


if (row is even)
  // display order 1
else {
  // display order 2

Update: There is port of the views conditional module available on github.

https://github.com/anandtoshniwal93/views_conditional/blob/master/README.md You can reuse it in your view like that....

Views Conditional field (if row is even)

  print rewrite field 1 (which is the first combination order)

Viws Conditional field (if row is odd)

  print rewrite field 2 (which is the second combination order)

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