Let's say I'm currently editing a page and there is a WYSIWYG editor in the backend to edit a specific part.

Now I add a table via the WYSIWYG. How can I apply CSS styles on that table WITHOUT altering the CKEditor plugin settings (I don't want to provide classes in the "Styles" dropdown)?

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You can either implement hook_ckeditor_css_alter or you can add ckeditor_stylesheets to your themes info.yml file.

See: hook_ckeditor_css_alter for more.


function mymodule_ckeditor_css_alter(array &$css, Editor $editor) {
  $css[] = drupal_get_path('theme', 'mytheme') . '/css/mymodule-ckeditor.css';

Or in mytheme.info.yml:

  - css/styles.css
  • Thank you! I edited the mytheme.info.yml as you suggested and it worked perfectly!
    – elterr1ble
    Mar 27, 2017 at 16:02

You can do this by flipping to HTML source, and adding a class in the html.

Perhaps this is for a user that you do not want to give privileged permissions to? (which I assume would include 'Source' button on a WYSIWYG)

If so maybe you can generally style a table in a nice way (ie not need a class or inline styling) or perhaps target the area that this table will be displaying, if its a particular node type you could target that existing class and style the table beneath that:

.custom_content_type table {
  /* Your styles here*/

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