I am trying to migrate a drupal 6 to 8 through drupal migrate ui and i am getting a error with the sources files, drupal 8 is not able to read sites folders due is writting a double slash.

Does anyone why this happens?

Source ID 3125: Cannot read from non-readable stream (http://dev.example.com/example//sites/default/files/)

The URL has an empty part in the path. I tried with full permissions in this folders, source in subdomain, domain, folder, etc.

  • You are not supposed to include sites/default/files in the path. End the path at the docroot and follow with a / (For example: example.com ) – tonytheferg Nov 29 '20 at 1:36

How are you providing the location of the files? IIRC, you can give it an absolute path ( /home/www/drupal ) or a URL ( http://www.example.com ).

In either case are you including a final '/'? If so, try removing it.

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