I have a "Filtered HTML" text field and have the convert line breaks to <br> & <p> tags option turned on in the configuration but when I'm adding content to a "Filtered HTML" field and use Shift + Enter to create a newline within the same paragraph Drupal seems to be adding in two <br> tags rather than one, which I'd expect.

For an example the text

"I'm having
a great day"

gets turned into

"I'm having<br><br>
a great day"

Is there any way to alter this behaviour to add just one <br> tag instead of two?

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The only way I've found of resolving this is to replace the two <br /> tags with one using a str_replace in the field preprocess function. I've placed an example below.

function theme_preprocess_field(&$vars) {
  switch($vars['element']['#field_name']) {
    // When pressing Shift + Enter in WYSIWYG editor to create a new line it outputs two <br /> tags, not one.
    case "field_description":
      $vars["items"][0]["#markup"] = str_replace("<br /><br />", "<br />", $vars["items"][0]["#markup"]);


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