I want to add if condition in my "global custom text" field saying if node is published, print some link. I tried below steps , but it is not working: 1.I have added "Content: Publishing status" field and hidden it from display 2.In 'global custom text' field added below code: Replacement pattern for published status is {{ status }} and is returning 0 or 1. Code I added is:

  {% if  status  ==0 %}
    <div class="apply_job"><a href="/appy-job" target="_blank"> APPLY
    {% endif %}

Drupal Version:8.2.0

Can anybody help me to make this working? Thank you In Advance


I try that right now and worked for me.

enter image description here Note: just make sure set Output format to 0/1

{% if  status  %}
   <div class="apply_job"><a href="/appy-job" target="_blank"> APPLY </a></div>
{% endif %}

enter image description here

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  • thanks for the reply, but same code is not working in mine.My status field output format is boolean only. If node is unpublished also link is getting displayed. I have updated my question with the version of drupal 8. – rks Mar 31 '17 at 4:01
  • @rks what you mean, you can see in my answer my field is boolean too and my drupal version in 8.2.6. do you want not exclude status field from display? – Yuseferi Mar 31 '17 at 6:26

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