What i want to do is create/view podcast node type inside DrupalGap App in Android. I am using drupal 7 on Centos 7. drupal module: audiofield (https://www.drupal.org/project/audiofield) drupalgap module added on www\app\modules: audiofield (http://drupalgap.org/project/audiofield) I am using HTML 5 player (default). But also tried before jplayer.

On content type named podcast i have fields: title, body and audio file with File (as type) and Audio Upload (as widget).

Permission given: Audio: Download own files Audio: Download All Audio Files Media->Use the media browser Podcast: Create new content Podcast: Edit own content Podcast: Delete own content

even i gave: Add and upload new files View own private files View own files Audio: Edit own files Audio: Delete own files Audio: Download any files

In browser i can listen and download and create new Podcast. All work well. In my android app (drupalgap) when viewing, i can see a player but nothing happens when i press play or download button. And when i try to create a podcast in the audio file field, DrupalGap shows Null and nothing else below.

P.S. I can provide test account if need be

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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The problem was that the url of the source audio file was wrong. It happened after i deleted originalsong.mp3 and reuploaded it. So, system gave it new name originalsong_0.mp3 (Note the _0 at the end of the filename). Probably drupal keeps track of files uploaded even when they are deleted so when i upload same mp3 with same filename it gets _0, _1 etc. Null object appears at www.example.com/mobile-application but when project is compiled and run in real Android device it works out of the box. Play button works but not Download button(minor problem for me).

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