So I created a form and and attached a Drupal library to it. From there I created a route that uses that form. Last a added a link that uses ajax to render that form.

For some reason when I look at the context that is rendered from that ajax request the /core/misc/vertical-tabs.js?v=8.2.6 gets loaded onto the page along with the form content, but my attached custom library does not.

If I visit the page without using the ajax request both the /core/misc/vertical-tabs.js?v=8.2.6 and my custom library load fine.

How can I get my custom library to load with ajax?

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So after playing with this for a while I figured out that Drupal only pulls in the js Assets through ajax, not the css. I guess this make sense on some level. But I figured I can easily pull in the necessary css in using js.

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