I have Content type called "Items", in that i have select list field for status referencing to Taxonomy terms(delivered,hold,dispatched etc.) .
I want to store the date in some custom table when the item is "dispatched" and use that date in some other code.
Which is function in which i can write logic to store date in table? or any other way i can get dispatched date of the item?

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You have to use one of the events described in Entity CRUD, editing, and view hooks.

One example from the documentation:

function hook_ENTITY_TYPE_update(Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity) {
  // Update the entity's entry in a fictional table of this type of entity.
      'updated' => REQUEST_TIME,
    ->condition('id', $entity->id())

You can get the original field values from $entity->original->status and check if the status has changed.


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