I'm stuck with a probably simple problem, maybe someone can help?

I have a node (representing a route) which has a reference to other nodes (points of interestes) Like this node.field_poi

Every field_poi has it's own images attached

from the node template I'm trying to get the images, but no way!

There are my attempts, where am I wrong?

{{content.field_poi.0.entity.field_image.0.entity.uri.value}} {{kint(node.field_poi.0.entity.field_image.0.entity.uri.value)}}

If I try this, it breaks completely the page: {{kint(node.field_poi.0.entity)}}


Thanks to the slack channel #drupaltwig, I found a solution! I leave it here, in case somebody else needs it

{% for curr_poi in node.field_poi %}                    

{% if curr_poi.entity.field_image.entity.uri.value is not empty %}

<img class="product-image" src="{{curr_poi.entity.field_image.entity.uri.value | image_style('app_list')}}" />


{% endif %}

{% endfor %}

Main hints:

  • use node instead of content
  • iterator is curr_poi do not use a index
  • I used twig_tweak drupal module in order to user the filter | image_style('app_list')

Thanks to @kekkis @markconroy

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