I am using this module Single Page Site to get a single page and it works well. However I want to get the navbar fixed when scrolling up the page but I cannot figure out how and where to put this jquery code in my site.

$(document).ready(function () {

  var navbar = $('.navbar');
  var origOffsetY = navbar.offset().top;

  function scroll() {
     if ($(window).scrollTop() >= origOffsetY) {
     else {


  document.onscroll = scroll;

Actually what I am trying to achieve is something similar to this website http://www.orisnv.be which itself using the modules Single Page Site.

I appreciate any help or hint.


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It turns out the answer is simple. I just declare the javascript inside .info file. And by using Drupal.behaiors I implement the jquery that target the navbar to fix upon scrolling.

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