I am trying to write a custom twig for menu--main.html.twig under Drupal 8.3. When in the menu_links macro while on the home page, the item.in_active_trail is not TRUE. I tried to compare the path('') to item.url but it never returns true. I can print out both path('') and item.url and see that they output the same exact text (character for character). Is there a special way to determine if the item.url is the front page or to string compare URL strings?

{{ path('<front>') == item.url ? 'true' : 'false' }} ==> 'false'
{{ path('<front>') }} ==> '/drupal8_test/'
{{ item.url }} ==> '/drupal8_test/'

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To get the path from item.url you would have to use the method toString():

  {{ item.url.tostring }}

Instead of comparing strings a better approach might be to check for the route name of the frontpage:

  {% if item.url.routed and item.url.routename == '<front>' %}
    <em>Front Page</em>
  {% endif %}
  • Thank you very much! The alternative is also very clear and concise! Commented Apr 3, 2017 at 12:08

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