with a custom module, in drupal 8, how can I test whether I am on a node entity or not, when i browse to that page?

If I do this $node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node'); I get an error if i'm not on a node.

  • What is it you are trying to do? By limiting your module to nodes, you eliminate it from being usable on other entity types - which may be ok, but there may be a better way to go about it
    – Jaypan
    Apr 7, 2017 at 13:19
  • I need to get a taxonomy term which will only be available to nodes. I already know how to get the taxonomy term if i'm on a node
    – Diana
    Apr 7, 2017 at 13:20

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Getting the route parameter is not a problem, this returns NULL if the route parameter is not present. But you have to check the node is not NULL, before using it:

if ($node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node')) {
  $value = $node->field_name->value;

You can do:

if(\Drupal::routeMatch()->getRouteName() == 'entity.node.canonical'){
 //Do what you want.

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