I would like to show the two latest facebook-posts on my Drupal page. I found these two modules: https://www.drupal.org/project/facebook_pull and https://github.com/mysequel/Drupal-8-Facebook-Feed-Module. Unfortunately there is no working Drupal 8 compatibility yet. The first one is in Dev Status and I can't even get it to work. The second generates an error when activating.

What is the Drupal 8 way to import this data from Facebook?


I had a similar requirement (actually a bit more complicated, as I needed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts). I ended up creating my own Drupal 8 module - Social Feed Aggregator (https://www.drupal.org/project/social_feed_aggregator).

The module creates a new Social Post content type, allows you to enable each required feed integration, and set up a cron job to refresh the feed data.

You can then simply create a Views block to show the feed data.

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    I think that you should put this module in drupal.org now you don't need any special process to publish your module. Read this ostraining.com/blog/drupal/opening-the-gates – Adrian Cid Almaguer Apr 10 '17 at 17:04
  • @BrynJ I think your module exactly fits my needs. But I can't properly get it to work. I installed the module on my local environment, put in the facebook app data and enabled it. But while manually running the cron-job from backend afterwards I am getting a 500 Error - same with drush core -cron. I installed it with copy-pasting it into the modules folder. Is the composer-method required to get it to work? – tinytree Apr 10 '17 at 17:28
  • @tinytree - it has this dependency github.com/brynj-digital/social-feed. I normally use this project for a true Composer flavour of Drupal - github.com/drupal-composer/drupal-project - then I can include my module like so composer require brynj-digital/social_feed_aggregator (it sorts out the dependency for me). If you have a vendor folder, place the aforementioned dependency in there. – user34185 Apr 11 '17 at 8:25
  • More info here - drupal.org/docs/develop/using-composer/… and here - drupal.org/docs/8/extending-drupal-8/… – user34185 Apr 11 '17 at 8:33
  • @AdrianCidAlmaguer I may just do that, although the dependency my module has might make the install process still a bit awkward, as the link in my previous comment documents – user34185 Apr 11 '17 at 12:00

Another option and probably the most succeeds is the social feed module


While the migration of existing modules is done you can use the solution proposed at https://www.powr.io/tutorials/how-to-add-facebook-feed-module-to-your-drupal-site. There is a free version https://www.powr.io/plugins/facebook-feed/standalone?id=9305465& that you can configure for the moment.

Here is the description of it (= quote from the linked page):

Facebook Feed is free, mobile responsive, and easy to edit; no code needed! Simply embed Facebook Feed to any page, post, sidebar, or footer. Next, customize it right on the live site. Facebook Feed is free and easy-to-use in no time.

  • The downvoter, can you says where is the problem? I can try to fix it – Adrian Cid Almaguer Apr 10 '17 at 15:15
  • Error message "this is a premium feature, please upgrade". – AdamS Jul 13 '17 at 14:18
  • @AdamS I can't get the point from your comment, but if you want other solution look in the other answer or try to migrate the existing module that appear in the question. – Adrian Cid Almaguer Jul 13 '17 at 14:31
  • I mean that I followed the link in this question and tried to use it, but it kept giving me an error message "this is a premium feature, please upgrade", hence the downvote. I get the impressions this solution is not a Drupal module anyway. I think the other solution is the way to go. – AdamS Jul 14 '17 at 19:51
  • @AdamS it works for me, But is just 1 feed, to add more you need to upgrade, this is the problem. – Adrian Cid Almaguer Jul 14 '17 at 21:38

for the second option (https://github.com/mysequel/Drupal-8-Facebook-Feed-Module), have you install facebook graph sdk instead? please install with below command :

composer require facebook/graph-sdk


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