After making a Backup/Migrate copy of source site files, the very source site for unknown reason broke down with this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function link_field_property_info_callback() in /sites/all/modules/entity/modules/field.info.inc on line 30

Most probably it comes from references to the Link module. I have googled around, but the solutions good for others are not for me, as I cannot access admin to un-install the module. Is there anything I could do here without Drush?

I really do not quite understand the origin of that situation, but I would more like to focus on resolving the effect.


You can try to (re)move the faulty module's directory, at least temporarily. It should prevent the call and let you access the necessary admin pages.

  • Thanks,- I got this after trying to uninstall drupal Commerce - I simply renamed entity/module to entity/module0 then accessed the admin pages to complete the uninstall. seems to be fully working after renaming back the directory
    – Paulo
    Aug 24 '14 at 5:00

You can try

    drush sqlq "DELETE FROM cache_field"

In case, you are using memcached use the below

    echo 'flush_all' | nc localhost 11211

drush command worked for me.

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