I'm using this example code to create a 'add another field' to my custom Form. The form itself is quite big and showing a full example here isn't possible.

The problem I'm having is that when I hit my callback button to 'add another field' the $form variable is missing most of the form I wish to utilise. My form is an admin area only form, but using the above example works fine in my implementation as POC.

The form utilises vertical_tabs but I have also tried without. I have a lot of validation around this form and in essence it's being built of a yaml file but I can't work out why the form elements are missing during the ajax callback. $form_state contains all the values submitted by the form including the missing data from $form.

I had assumptions that #tree was the issue but, I have this set to TRUE from the start.


Just incase anybody wants to know the issue was I was trying to obtain a value from arg() and this was different for the ajax callback funtion. So in my hook_form function I set the following:

  // This is needed for the ajax callback
  if (arg(1) != 'ajax') {
    // We need to set the variable before we load the form.
    $form_state['value'] = arg(3);
    $key = arg(3);
  else {
    // Ajax callback can now reference correct key.
    $key = $form_state['value'];

This allowed me to obtain the correct value during the ajax callback function.

  • Yes, for most Ajax calls, they hit system/ajax path, so checking arg() won't result in much. – Kevin Apr 12 '17 at 11:28

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