I am trying to display comments + comment form per node in a view of nodes following this answer. So I'm trying full content display with row style options, which works perfectly on another site I am working on, but on this one, I don't have the "Display comments" toggle boxenter image description here

So I have reinstall the site and disable every thing I could : contrib modules / themes and templates / custom code / libraries / fields & comment fields / all content types trying with new ones / uninstall & reinstall comment modules / combination of permissions for all/just admin in view-post-skip options. Still nothing.

Anyone has seen this before?

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Check if you've comment module installed, if yes, also check if you've comments enabled for that content type

  • That's the first thing I did, I forgot to mention
    – Tritof
    Apr 13, 2017 at 15:10

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