I have a content type = Article. There I have 2 field. What I want is, If field 1 is empty or does not contain any value, replace this field with field 2, (with same css and html structure) else keep showing content of field 1 by default.

Is there any way to this in D8?

  • you have to put some conditions like if field is null then field 2 will show – user52318 Apr 14 '17 at 6:39
  • I don't think you would get any contributed module for such task. But this is easily doable by few lines of code.. – RajeevK Apr 14 '17 at 7:32

Create node--articles.html.twig and place it in your theme's templates folder.

{% if content.field_name.0 is empty %}
    <div class="something">{{ content.field_name_other }}</div>
{% else %}
    <div class="something">{{ content.field_name }}</div>
{% endif %}



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