I've installed panopoly distribution and Webform module. I've also created a webform called contact form and added the contact form in a pane as a block. The problem is: The contact Form (webform) is being displaying in the front page as new content.

I've also tried various settings including:

  • Untick all options from publishing option (Administration » Structure » Content types » Webform)

to remove that but nothing works.

How can I remove webform from being displayed in the front page in Drupal 7?


The publishing options at Administration » Structure » Content types » Webform are defaults. Edit the particular webform node and uncheck "Promoted to front page".

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  • Yeah I also did that, But nothing changed... – Abu Zafor Apr 16 '17 at 17:23

I solved this issue. There is a operation in panopoly called Demote from front page in Administration » Content.

enter image description here

This operation works like charm.

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