I'm relatively new to the features module and I've read contradictory recommendations online regarding whether it's easiest to maintain A) one big feature or B) several smaller features and then a "feature-controller" type module that lists all the smaller features as dependencies.

A bit about my specific situation: I'm using a local development -> dev server -> staging server -> live server workflow. This particular site will almost certainly be the only one of its kind that I ever develop; I do not intend to use the features I create for this site on any other sites.

This makes me lean toward doing everything in one big feature because I've had problems in the past where I accidentally defined the same rules in multiple features and gotten into trouble. However, in terms of structure this seems wrong to me-- there are different features/functions so they ought to be divided into separate features. On the other hand, I feel like by doing this I may just create additional work and overhead for myself that won't benefit anyone.

Which approach is easier to maintain in actual practice-- one big feature or many smaller ones?

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Make several little Features, split by conceptual layer.


  1. Granularity when reviewing Overrides and performing Reverts — so you don't have to revert everything at once.
  2. Modularity — even if you don't plan to reuse individual components, breaking things down into discrete modules will help with maintainability.

For deploying a single site from development to test to production, we use the following taxonomy (where "site" is replaced with a unique machinename for the site) —

  • site_types Feature — declares Content Types, Fields, ImageCache settings, User Roles
  • site_structure Feature — declares Contexts, Views, Menus and Menu Links, Blocks, User Permissions, Variables
    • depends on site_types Feature
  • site_content Feature — declares Nodes
    • depends on site_structure Feature

If there are multiple distinct site sections (for example, Public vs Private), consider splitting things up further:

  • site_types Feature
  • site_structure Feature — declares structural components common to both Public and Private
    • depends on site_types Feature
  • site_public_structure Feature
    • depends on site_types Feature
  • site_public_content Feature
    • depends on site_public_structure Feature
  • site_private_structure Feature
    • depends on site_types Feature
  • site_private_content Feature
    • depends on site_private_structure Feature

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