I am using webform for user registration and confirmation page as profile page. I have included the token as follows " [submission:values:name] [submission:values:email] [submission:values:country] [submission:values:date] " Now the submitted values are displayed in profile page but my requirement is the user should be able to edit and save only few fields but view all fields. How i would include edit option for displayed data using tokens. Please help me on this issue. Thanks

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Have a look at the Field Permissions module. From its project page:

... allows site administrators to set field-level permissions to edit, view and create fields on any entity.

Since users are entities also, it should work for any of your fields.

  • Thanks for the reply. It works for content types and profile types. In webforms,only for comments I guess. Because webform nodes are not retrieved in the entity list while configuring the module. If you are sure that it works ,please brief out the steps.
    – preethi
    Commented Apr 27, 2017 at 12:08

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