I installed a site use composer with command

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev some-dir --stability dev --no-interaction

I would like to set site mode to dev. If site install drupal from drupal.org, I can run command

drupal smo dev

But with composer I run

vender/bin/drupal list

and don't saw any command about setting site mode. How can do that with Drupal site install by composer. I would like to run command line, don't want config file service.yml.

Note: I ready run composer update.

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The correct command for setting site in development mode is

drupal site:mode dev

Check here for more details - Debugging compiled Twig templates


drupal site:mode dev is disabled in current version (RC 17) of Drupal Console.

See here: https://github.com/hechoendrupal/drupal-console/issues/3079

and in code: https://github.com/hechoendrupal/drupal-console/blob/master/config/services/drupal-console/site.yml


I recently ran into this issue. The error message I got was:

[ERROR] Command "site:mode", is not a valid command name.

My Drupal Console version was 1.8.0.

I had to specify the URI parameter to get it to work like this as I did not have a default site:

drupal --uri="example.org" site:mode dev

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