Is there a way to group taxonomy terms by their parent name(as fieldsets) for term reference field in content creation?

For example: Cat#1 as parent and subCat#1, subCat#2 as children should be shown as a fieldset with Cat#1 as legend(and thus unselectable) and subCat#1 & subCat#2 should be shown in this fieldset.


I think Taxonomy Super Select does what you want for Drupal 6, but there's no Drupal 7 version available.

However, the module page recommends the Taxonomy Term Reference Tree Widget module to do the same thing

This module provides an expandable tree widget for the Taxonomy Term Reference field in Drupal 7. This widget is intended to serve as a replacement for Drupal's core Taxonomy Term Reference widget, which is a flat list of radio buttons or checkboxes and not necessarily fit for medium to large taxonomy trees.


I would suggest using the Hierarchical Select Module It is highly configurable.

This module defines the "hierarchical_select" form element, which is a greatly enhanced way for letting the user select items in a hierarchy.

Check out a demo here http://wimleers.com/demo/hierarchical-select/taxonomy

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