I have a Drupal 7 module that is making an AJAX call via jQuery.ajax() to a menu callback that I've defined in my module. The purpose isn't to return markup, but rather just a single string value.

This is all working as it should, but the method by which I'm passing the value back to jQuery seems messy to me.

I'm using:

// $condition is a simple string value.

My Question

Is there a cleaner, more standardized way of doing this? This just feels hackish and messy to me.

Thanks, Drupalers!


That will work, but here is how I would do it (in D7). You can set up the ajax callback server side like this:

$response = array('value' => $condition);

Then your value will be available as data.value in your success callback:

  success:function(data) {
  • Thanks, Jaypan. That does look a little cleaner. Is it normal to finish off an AJAX callback with drupal_exit()? – Beau May 2 '17 at 13:31

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