Question : How can I define a custom Contact Form in an Installation profile / distribution ?

Goal :

enter image description here

Research : : It's for an installation profile we want to put an contact form in all our Drupal installations in the install profile. It's a little bigger than the default Drupal 8 forms. I have also content-types created for that profile with YAML-files. We can build forms in a module with the Form API but how can we that achieve that in an install profile ? In Drupal 8, i think all the configuration is in YAML.

Expected solution : I want to rebuild the form and put it into an installation profile with the captcha included. I used there the Drupal module Re-captcha for. Is this also with the YAML-files or in _install function ?

Is that possible ? Are they better/other methods for achieving this goal ?

  • I am also looking for the solution of this. Can someone please help? – Tejas Vaidya Oct 16 '17 at 7:06

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