How can I make a category page displaying all my 100+ taxonomy terms in a parent/child way (something just like http://www.dmoz.org/)?

  • resolved 1. Create View Show - Taxonomy terms - of type ... 2. Add relationship Taxonomy term: Parent term 3. Add field Taxonomy term: Name ( use relationship - Parent term ) * hide from display 4. Set format Grid/ul/li... Grouping field -> (Parent) Taxonomy term: Name
    – ijujym
    Feb 24, 2012 at 23:11

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Yes above answer works, but parent terms are showed at top of view, so it's nice to remove them. I use Views Hacks module , and only check Selective Exposed Filters. For filter select Taxonomy term: Parent (selective) and choose is not one of all You can view my view at http://www.attorney-directory.net/practice-areas

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