Since updating to 8.3 we've noticed that some URL's in our REST responses are being escaped (this may have been happening before but I don't think so as it is now causing issues with the Android parser).

The URL's are escaped like this;


Those w's (//) and v's (/) are killing things and I'd like to remove this escaping.

BTW, this API is password protected and used by a controlled app only. While removing this escaping may introduce issues with public API's and security/stabiliy, we don't need this level of control.

Can I just override the Serialize class and use that?

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Actually, I can't see how this could have been different prior to 8.3 - PHP's json_encode seems to have been escaping / by default forever, and neither Drupal nor Symfony seem to have overridden that in the past.

The service ID and class you would need to override is serializer.encoder.json (Drupal\serialization\Encoder\JsonEncoder), adding a JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES to the options bitmask in the constructor. (Confusingly, there's a separate service named serialization.json, which isn't the one that's used here.)

However, note that \/ is a valid escape sequence in JSON (if not strictly required), and a JSON parser must interpret this as a literal forward slash character to be working correctly. There should be no backslashed URLs in the parsed values. Is it possible that your client's parser library has a bug?

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