I have a paragraph type rn-accordion (rn-acc.html.twig), that has a entity reference revision to rn-accordion-section which houses a bunch of different fields. One of which is an image field (bp_image_field); however I am unsure how to reference this field in my twig file. So far I have tried:

      <img src="{{ file_url(paragraph.field_bp_image_field.fileuri) }}" class="img-responsive">

      <img src="{{ file_url(element['#object'].field_bp_image_field.0.entity.uri.value) }}" class="img-responsive">

      <img src="{{ file_url(content.field_bp_image_field['#items'].entity.uri.value) }}" class="img-responsive">

but the output is always

       <img src="/" class="img-responsive">

Can someone help steer me in the right direction?

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I would suggest not doing this, as you lose the benefits of image styles (the built-in image manipulation feature).

Suggesting you make a hook for this template, pick out the url from the source field, render an image with Drupal APIs, and make the result available as a variable on the template.

  • The images that will be referenced will all be the exact same size and never change, so image manipulation will not be required. Also, I should note that I am not an experienced Drupal developer, so while I appreciate your direction, examples that I could reverse engineer would be more helpful. Thanks.
    – nightowl
    Commented May 17, 2017 at 17:46

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