I'm trying to accomplish this simple thing but cannot find a way to do it. If someone could guide me a little bit because I'm going inside deep crazy methods and classes, but I'm sure I'm going the wrong way and there's a simple way to accomplish this :)

I have a view block, that displays these fields :

  • Content: Title (the title)
  • Content: Image (Image)
  • Content: Pdf (File Upload)

So, the title, the image and the file upload are displayed.

I would like to output something like this :

<a href="__link_to_my_pdf__">

Is there a way to do this through the view management ? If not, what could be the right way ? Twig ? Preprocess ? Module ?

I tried through a views-view--myviewblock.html.twig to get the variables inside {{rows}}, but spent 4 hours and failed.

Thanks in advance.

  • Have you tried using Field Rewrites inside the View? This should be pretty easy at least in D7. Not much experience with D8 views sorry if this is misleading
    – Beebee
    Commented May 19, 2017 at 11:24

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Thanks for the link, I'll read it. I finally got an answer on drupal.org that suits perfectly. The idea is to use the "Custom text" field :

  • Add title, image, file and Custom Text field to your view.
  • List item
  • Edit Title, Image field and check exclude from display option and save.
  • Edit File field and check exclude from display checkbox, In Formatter drop down select "URL to file" and save.
  • Edit custom text field


    • Here you can find tokens for title, image and file fields. E.g. {{ title }} fir Title field and {{ field_image }} for image field.
    • Copy {{ title }} {{ field_image }} and paste it to Text.
    • Then click to "REWRITE RESULTS"
    • Check "Output this field as a custom link" and enter File field token {{ field_my_file }} to "Link Path" textfield. Save this field.
    • Save the view and now its ready.

For output like this u need to use template suggestions and custom twig template for specific view. See: The Power of Extending Twig Templates

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