I can't figure out how to add following expression to the views query:

ORDER BY FIELD(field_dataid,3,2,1,4)

QueryPluginBase only gives the option to add:

$query->addOrderBy('node_field_data', 'nid', ASC);

But doesn't give the option to add an expression.

The Sql interface has the options to add an expression:

  $query->addExpression('FIELD(node_field_data.nid,3,2,1,4)', 'order_field');
  $query->orderBy('order_field', 'ASC');

But this doesn't work with the views query object.

So how can i add orderby expression to the views query object?

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There is a similar answer here: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/200662/79998

You should either use $query->addField() to add the expression and then append or unshift in $query->orderby array, or you can use directly $query->addOrderBy() to add the expression and order, if it's ok to be added last.

$query->addOrderBy(NULL, 'FIELD(node_field_data.nid,3,2,1,4)', 'ASC', 'order_field');

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