I have setup a Batch work which looks the following (dump at run time).

enter image description here

The method called for each batch is a public static method, so that is not a problem.

All operations performs perfectly, my nodes are imported in the system, this I'm sure.

The problem is that the Batch progress bar never reaches the 100% and after a few seconds, goes back and forth forever. This clearly happens after all my nodes are processed.

My finished callback is never called and I'm stuck on the Batch API progress bar for years :-)

Any idea on what I could be missing?

Thank you.

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So, nothing was wrong with my batch definition, but I tried to disable the web profiler module and everything gets back to normal!

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    But I have this same problem, and I don't have the web profiler module installed... Do you know why that module was causing this...? Commented Jul 3, 2017 at 18:44

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