I use panels to output my taxonomy term structure. So instead of having one static title for all taxonomies, I need the page title to be the "taxonomy_term_context:title".

In D7 there were modules. How to deal with dynamic title for panels in Drupal 8? Are there any hooks? The panels ui does not seem to handle title from context features.


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Couldn't find anything useful in the web. I have written a custom module with this hook:

 * Implements hook_panels_build_alter().
function shop_list_page_panels_build_alter(array &$build, PanelsDisplayVariant $panels_display) {
  // Check for panel variant.
  if ("shop_category_list-panels_variant-0" === $panels_display->getConfiguration()['storage_id']) {
    // Set page title.
    $build['#title'] = $build['#title']->create($contexts['taxonomy_term']->getContextData()->getString());

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