The Google Analytics module on a brand new Drupal 7 build just stopped tracking after 7 days. When I went to investigate, I checked the settings, all appeared fine. Then I checked the source of the page, and the analytics code was nowhere to be seen.

For now I have just added in the javascript within html.tpl.php. But I am curious why it has just stopped working for no apparent reason? A bug with the module?

This site is using a custom theme. I checked the html.tpl.php and $header and $page_bottom variables were all there.

Any ideas why this may be?

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I don't see any current bugs like this in the issue queue of the module. So let's check the following:

  • What's up with the theme you're using? Have you tried this with another theme?
  • What performance settings do you use? (Is Javascript aggregation enabled? Do you use page caching?)
  • Is the Analytics code missing from the output when you're logged in as user 1? (If it's there, what's happened with the permissions of the module?)
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    Try all of this. Make sure (duh) that Google Analytics module is actually enabled. Install devel module and run dpm($vars) on hook_preprocess_html in your theme's template.php. If you still don't see any output from analytics, delete your module and grab a fresh copy. If it's still not outputting, throw some dpm()'s in the google_analytics.module and see what's not getting run or what's not adding the JS. Commented Feb 28, 2012 at 3:35

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