Given a Content Type (a Node), which has a Paragraph field, which in turn has some fields on it, is there a way to import the Paragraph fields into the Content Type using Feeds (or some other method, but not involving coding)?

Example: The Content type Photograph includes a Paragraph field called 'Inscription' that has these fields:

field_inscription (text)
field_inscription_type (term reference)
field_inscription_location (term reference)

How do I import these three fields into the Paragraph field of a Photograph Content Type?

Note: There will be multiple instances of the Inscription field on some photographs.

I'm currently in Drupal 7, but would consider working in Drupal 8, if there's a solution that works in Drupal 8.


The Drupal 8 version of Paragraphs does support some basic Feeds integration with a "Target" (see the source code)

Alternatively you could write a Processor plugin that manually creates and associates the paragraphs contained within a node.


Otherwise, in D7, you can have a try at feeds_para_mapper

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